Data Science Courses 

Data drives everything

  • Hands-on learning experience

  • Learning paths designed by experts

  • Learn from the best instructors

  • Solve real world problems

  • Create a data driven culture


For Large Organizations


  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • LMS integrations

  • Our Customer Success team will partner with your organization to accelerate your team's adoption, provide valuable recommendations, and help you achieve organization-wide data fluency.

  • Advanced reporting

  • Access individual usage and engagement metrics.

  • Data export

  • Ability to export Excel or .csv files of user progress.

  • Custom learning tracks

  • Tableau

  • Power BI

  • Oracle content

Delivery:  Online

Includes: Dedicated Support Manager 

Price : Customized to your business needs

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For Small Teams 



  • Admin roles

  • Assignments 

  • Admin dashboard

  • * Excludes Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle content.

Price : $25.00 Per User 

Per Month   

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Grow Your Data Skills


  • 335+ Courses

  • 50+ Skills track

  • 14 Career tracks

  • Unlimited skills assessments

  • All mobile app courses and practice

  • Unlimited practice challenges

  • Live code-alongs

  • Community chat 

Prices starting from $12.42/Month  

Includes a free trial version

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