The #recruiter asked his two remaining candidates a final question.

He asked:

‘Can you square a circle for your clients?’

The first candidate was very eager to get the job.

He answered:

‘I do anything for my clients. If it means to square a circle I do it!’

The second candidate was more reluctant.

She paused for a moment.

Then she replied:

‘I can’t square a circle but I can help my clients in the best possible way!’

The recruiter smiled.

He said:

‘Never make a promise you can’t live up to. Be honest, be genuine and be of help’

The second candidate was hired


Stay humble

Work hard

Be kind

We live in a real world. Be real and be realistic



Published by: Kees van der Ent

Kees is a Senior Advisor on Mortgages and Savings and is based in Netherlands .


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