Running and Starting a Company

A recruiter was hiring for a startup

Two candidates made it to the final round

The recruiters was impressed by their resumes and experience

He asked them one final question:

Why do you apply for this job?

The first candidate answered:

‘I want to improve my career!’

The second candidate looked at the recruiter and said:

‘I love to work with people!’

The recruiter smiled

He thought for a brief moment

Then he replied:

‘Start ups need builders. Builders of business and builders of people!’

The second candidate was hired



There are two golden rules for starting and running a company

Build your business

Build your people

There is one golden rule for job seekers.....

Honor the two golden rules for starting and running a company

Do you agree?

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Published by: Kees van der Ent

Kees is a Senior Advisor on Mortgages and Savings and is based in Netherlands .

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