The manager asked the candidates one final question.

He said:

‘How are you going to help our customers.’

The first candidate answered:

‘I am going to answer their questions and give them what they ask for!’

The second candidate paused for a second and replied:

‘I help them by giving them what they need!’

The third candidate hesitated to answer.

She looked at the manager and said:

‘I help them asking the right question to find the right answers!’

The manager smiled

He said:

‘Our clients need help. Not products. Not sales.

We want them to remember our help. That is what makes them come back to us!’

The third candidate was hired


In business it is the experience of the sales that matters

It is all about making a true difference



Published by: Kees van der Ent

Kees is a Senior Advisor on Mortgages and Savings and is based in Netherlands .

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