Team Lead

Three employees applied for a job as team lead.

The recruiter asked them to do a pitch.

The first employee said:

‘I work here for 20 years and I am experienced!’

The second employee said:

‘I completed all my trainings!’

The third employee said:

‘I am happy to serve!’

The recruiter listened to the answers with great care and hired the last candidate.

The first two candidates got angry and they said:

‘We are more experienced and better trained! Why didn’t we get the job?’

The recruiter smiled and answered:

‘I didn’t look for the best candidate. I was looking for the right candidate to lead the team!’



To be successful in life doesn’t mean you have to find the best people.

The best people are not always the right people, but the right people certainly are the best!



Published by: Kees van der Ent

Kees is a Senior Advisor on Mortgages and Savings and is based in Netherlands .

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