Win their hearts to win their wallet

A #recruiter was hiring a new sales director

Two candidates made it to the final round

She was impressed by their resumes and experience

At the end of the interview she asked one question:

‘How do you sell a car?’

The first candidate replied:

‘I emphasize the unique selling points of the car’

The second candidate pauzed for a moment

He looked at the recruiter and said:

‘I would asked what the buyers are using the car for. What gives them pleasure in life. What makes them happy to dream about. Then I sell the car.....’

The recruiter smiled

She said:

‘A good sale is a happy sale!’

The second candidate was hired



Sometimes life is a big sales pitch

We all want things to happen

At home

At school

At work

My mentor told me once

‘Win their hearts to win their wallet!’

I think he is right.....

Do you agree?

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Published by: Kees van der Ent

Kees is a Senior Advisor on Mortgages and Savings and is based in Netherlands .

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