Sunlight Dome
  • Sunlight Dome


    About Sunlight Dome: 

    A simple, maintenance free way to utilise the sun's light for interior spaces. Capture the sunlight at roof level and transfer it through reflective tube to interior areas.



    • 30 years


    Components : 

    • Roof dome
    • Roof flashing (customized ).
    • Reflective tube and blends.
    • Diffusser assembly -diifferent styles available 
    • Hardware/sealing kit
    • Optional lighting kit
    • Tube length customized as per customer's needs.


    • Home
    • Schools
    • Factories & Warehouses
    • Workshops



    • Energy saving  – Both Lighting and AC Costs reduced.
    • Green building code- Certification made easier.
    • Environment – Carbon emission Reduction.
    • Power saving– Reduced peak load demand on the grid.
    • Human benefits – Reduced sick leave,  improved student performance ,faster patient recovery.
    • Commercial – Increased productivity and improved sales.
    • Quality improved – Better color rendition.
    • Corporate– Enhanced corporate CSR profile/ISO 50001 compliant.
    • Reduced building maintainance.


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