Protect Yourself from Recruitment Fraud

  1. Mgeni Engineer does not charge any fees to job seekers to view and apply for jobs posted on Mgeni Engineer website and social media pages. 

  2. Confirm about availability of a job opening from the company’s official website. Some job openings expire after some time; check validity before you start application.

  3. Check the job description. Credible employers will  provide a detailed job description. In case the hiring manager’s contact details are provided, feel free to reach out and get more information about the posting.

  4. For email communication with the employer/recruiter check the domain names and confirm if the email addresses are affiliated with the organization. Reputable employers/recruiters use registered company domain names.

  5. In case you are requested to do aptitude or personality tests, use a secure cyber café and ensure that you log out of your personal accounts before leaving the cyber café.

  6. In case you are using a personal computer, ensure that your antivirus databases are updated. Protect your folders and files from hackers. 

  7. Do not pay any money for interviews. A credible employer will offer to reimburse your transport and accommodation costs in case you are coming from a different town, city, county, or country.   

  8. Do not share your bank account information with a recruiter or an employer at any stage before they finalize on your job contract. Only share your CV, cover letter, certificates, and relevant supporting application documents during the recruitment stage.

  9. A credible employer does not make a job offer without first meeting the candidate. In case you are asked to pay money before meeting with the employer beware.

  10. Insistence to act urgently without confirming about employment details is a sign of a fraudulent activity. Credible employers give you adequate time to prepare yourself and know more about the organization.

  11. Check the contract  details  and confirm the salary and benefits agreed . In case the employer starts to renege on contractual  obligations after signing the contract , this is a cause for concern.  

  12. In case you are a victim of recruitment fraud, report immediately to the police, labour office or embassy.